How to clean cement floor with a floor washer?



What are the advantages of using a floor washer?


The advantage of the floor washer, in essence, is to make people's life cleaner, more comfortable and better.So, what are the specific advantages of a land washer?


The floor washer is economical for workshop floor cleaning


The choice of workshop cleaning equipment should be associated with the establishment of the workshop health management system, as the saying goes, "no rules, no radius", a clean environment is to be maintained by everyone, there is a good working environment can be invisible to improve our work efficiency.


Silent type ground washer is more suitable for hospital use


We also introduced a silent floor washer, which is more suitable for use in quiet places like hospitals.So in general, as a hospital, it is very necessary to create a good environment, how to create a good environment, the ground washing machine is certainly one of the essential tools.


New Plant of Tennant Company China Settled in Hefei


On November 12, 2020, Tennant China launched its new operations base in Hefei, Anhui Province. This marks the important step that Tennant took for building a cleaning giant after it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hefei Gaomei and Anhui Rongen. Apart from the team of Tennant Company China, the officials of Hefei High-tech Zone, distributors, experts of the cleaning industry and the media together witnessed the launching event.


How many types of washing machines



Cleaning equipment Floor washer



The hotel USES a floor washer for cleaning



How the floor washer works



Washing machine improves ground environment



Routine inspection before using the scrubber



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