Shopping malls and supermarkets choose automatic washing machines

Scope of application At present, the floors of shopping malls and supermarkets are nothing more than the following: epoxy resin floor, emery floor, tile floor, marble floor, terrazzo floor, cement floor, non-slip floor, small block brick floor, etc., and the floor scrubber is hard to these The quality floor has a very good cleaning effect, so almost all shopping malls and supermarkets can use floor scrubbers to complete the cleaning work of shopping malls and supermarkets.

Use efficiency Large supermarkets or shopping malls often have multiple cleaners to complete the cleaning work of shopping malls and supermarkets, while the cleaning efficiency of general shopping malls and supermarkets is 2000 square meters/hour, and the higher one can reach 4500 square meters/hour. Therefore, one can replace multiple cleaners. Supermarkets or shopping malls with scrubbers often only need one cleaner to clean the floor, saving time, effort and cost!

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