The hotel USES a floor washer for cleaning

From the point of view of cleaning efficiency, a common hand push floor washer can clean an area of 2-3 thousand square meters in an hour at least. The cleaning efficiency is equivalent to 10 people working for 1 hour at the same time.From the point of view of expenditure cost, although the purchase of hand washing machine is very high, the calculation is quite saving, hand washing machine work day need to spend 3-5 yuan of electricity, fragile parts is probably a year to replace 2-3 times can be met, domestic washing machine and vulnerable parts cheap.The floor washing machine for hotels, factories and other public places to clean the floor has brought great convenience.

Hand push washing machine itself compact and flexible, simple operation, low working cost, high working efficiency, high cleaning quality.One electric floor washing machine is equivalent to 8 workloads. If it is only human work, the cost will be higher, the efficiency will be lower and the cleaning effect will not reach the desired level.The design of the electric washing machine reflects the humanization, not only comfortable and fashionable, but also beautiful appearance, simple and convenient operation, walking light and dexterous.

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