How to clean cement floor with a floor washer?

How to clean cement floor with a floor washer?At present, the indoor and outdoor of a large number of industrial units are cement ground, especially the large area of production industry, square and so on are basically cement ground.So for the cleaning of the ground in these places, can we use the cleaning equipment to wash the floor to complete the cleaning efficiently?

In many production workshops, dirt and secondary dust remain after the floor is cleaned, causing certain pollution to the environment of production workshops and even affecting the failure rate of mechanical equipment.And the difficulty of daily cleaning is also relatively large, here in fact, the ground washing machine can be very easy to solve these problems.

Moreover, with the long service life, coupled with carbonization, water erosion and weathering, these floors will appear different degrees of dust, ash, cracking, chemical corrosion and other phenomena, which will also affect the normal use and cleaning difficulty of the floor.

The surface of cement floor is relatively rough for tile floor, epoxy floor, etc., and the friction force is relatively high. Therefore, some customers will encounter some problems when they use the automatic floor washer to clean the cement floor, which leads to the following problem: is the floor washer not suitable for cleaning the cement floor?Well, a floor washer can also be used to clean cement floors, provided it is done properly.

The floor washer is able to carry on the very good clean to the cement floor, but the cement floor friction will be larger, the consumable ability of the wearing parts of the floor washer is very strong.The cement floor is not smooth, and the water absorption difficulty of the automatic water-absorbing harrow is relatively large. Therefore, it is inevitable to fail to achieve the ideal cleaning effect by cleaning the ceramic tile floor and epoxy floor.Therefore, the automatic floor washing machine needs to use a brush to replace the 100 clean pad, so as to be able to clean the cement floor.

On the other hand, the washing machine in the cement floor water absorption difficulty is larger, so the water needs to be opened when cleaning, in order to achieve a better cleaning effect.So these places in the use of automatic washing machine cleaning cement floor, you can refer to the above mentioned methods, you can clean the cement floor.

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