What is the reason for the price of the sweeper?

With the continuous improvement of the sweeping car, there has been a relatively intelligent sweeping equipment, which also marks that the sweeping equipment has entered a new stage, which means that there will be more advanced sweeping equipment, so the price of the intelligent sweeper will be higher. some.

The quality of the sweeper accessories, the quality of the materials, and even the quality of the battery, etc., will affect the quality of the product and affect the price of the electric garbage sweeper;

Domestic brands of sweeping cars from the production of the workshop to the sales process, only through the difference between the sellers and agents sales, and imported sweepers to remove the difference, as well as import and export, transportation and other additional costs. In general, the price of domestic sweeping cars is much lower than the price of imported goods, so domestic and imported products will also affect the price of sweeping vehicles.

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