How many types of washing machines

Mainly include: hand push, driving and unmanned operation. Why do you say that? This is because we currently define its use. The functions are the same. The hand push type was first used. There are also many names. The most controversial one is the automatic floor scrubber. The name is actually not accurate. A bit general. You say he is fully automatic, but he needs manual operation, so it can be called fully automatic.

There is also a self-driven hand push. This kind of get rid of the trouble of artificial advancement. The machine has its own drive, and the walking speed can be adjusted freely with a knob or handle. This alone cannot be called fully automatic. Really automatic washing machines should be unmanned washing machines. Unmanned machines can automatically add clean water, drain sewage, charge, and clean the ground according to the set time. This kind of thing should be fully automatic. But such equipment tends to be expensive.

Simply put, there are three types of subdivided types of cleaning scrubber products. Push driving and unmanned operation. As for the subdivision, it is the issue of size. There will be no essential difference.

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