New Plant of Tennant Company China Settled in Hefei

           On November 12, 2020, Tennant China launched its new operations base in Hefei, Anhui Province. This marks the important step that Tennant took for building a cleaning giant after it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hefei Gaomei and Anhui Rongen. Apart from the team of Tennant Company China, the officials of Hefei High-tech Zone, distributors, experts of the cleaning industry and the media together witnessed the launching event.

          As the saying goes, “Diversity exists in harmony”. Ideals and dreams are shared here, while individuality and diversity belong here as well.

         Tennant Company, with its 150 years of history, is a leader in the global cleaning equipment industry. Having deployed footprint in the Chinese market for almost 20 years, it now constitutes a considerable share of China’s high-end cleaning equipment market.

         Hefei Gaomei is a mature firm that integrates R&D, manufacture and sales. It secures a leading position in China’s local cleaning equipment industry with its professional products and smart system.

         Anhui Rongen is a professional manufacturer and service-provider in the cleaning equipment industry. It optimized its exceptional product and service system and became a first-tier company in the industry within less than 10 years.

         The theme of the launching event is “New Journey, More Success”, a foresight that the three companies, diverse in culture, positioning, advantages and nationalities, will share a prosperous future in China’s vigorous market.

          Now, the new Hefei Plant is already put into use, integrating advanced production facility, highly efficient production line and humanized management system into its 20,000m2 industry zone. The SAP system online in August this year has helped to improve the overall operation management of the base. The new base will carry the tasks of production, R&D and sales for Tennant, Gaomei and Rongen. Meanwhile, all three brands’ production line will remain fully independent, applying independent procedures and quality control, so that our promise to the customer groups are fulfilled. During the event, the guests visited the brands’ production lines, and rotomolding, sheet metal, wiring harness and storage workshops, which has greatly enhanced their confidence in the new base’s production and operation.

           During the event, distributors of Tennant, Gaomei and Rongen understood and recognized each other better through events such as seminars, activities and cocktail parties. As the elites of China’s cleaning industry, they have the power and potential to influence the industry. Upon entering the new stage of fusion development, all three brands will offer services in a wider and deeper range, increasing their impact on the overall market and front-line end-user markets.

          From now on, Gaomei and Rongen, as new members of Tennant Company China family, has opened a new chapter. This is largely attributed to the persistence and aspiration of the whole company over 20 years, as well as the founders’ ongoing entrepreneurship and wisdom in this industry. On this new stage, Gaomei, Rongen and Tennant will carry forward and integrate the excellent legacy of each brand to create a glorious future.

         In the event, the senior management team of Tennant Company acknowledged the prospects and development trends of China’s cleaning market and delivered their congratulations on Tennant Company China’s growing family and the launching of its new base in their important speeches. An official of Hefei high-tech zone also extended his applause and warm welcome to Tennant Company’s settlement in Hefei, a city newly listed in the first-tier that combines innovative technology and mass production.


        Tennant Company CEO, Chris Killingstad’s speech on the launching event:

        This year Tennant is celebrating it’s 150th anniversary.  Over the past 150 years, Tennant Company has continuously innovated, adapted, and grown into the global market leader we are today.  We look forward to continue building on the legacy that was started 150 years ago here in Minneapolis and on the legacy that the Chen family started in China 22 years ago.  Collectively and with your partnership, we’re confident that the best is yet to come for the business in China.

          With a large number of players competing in the cleaning industry, those who have great ambitions will have a promising future. Tennant, Gaomei and Rongen’s launching of the new plan in Hefei is a proof that Tennant is determined to develop and grow in the Chia market in the long run. It also facilitates the completion and reinforcement of Tennant Company’s strategic footprint on a global basis. The new journey embodies endless possibilities. Let us look forward to more success!

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