How to choose the suitable floor washing machine?

When many consumers buy a washing machine, they often want to purchase the best washing machine at the lowest price, which is often not easy to achieve. Xiao Bian believes that only the most suitable for them is the best. So how do you choose a scrubber? Today Rong En's editor will briefly analyze it.

The main information of the function of the washing machine: the capacity of the clean water tank and sewage tank, the brush motor, the suction motor, the suction width, the working efficiency, the size, etc.;

The main information of the scrubber technology: the scrubber can be divided into: push type, driving type, fully automatic scrubber according to the function, understand the main functional characteristics of the scrubber of different operation modes;

The main information of the scrubbing machine manufacturers: whether the scrubbing machine manufacturers are large or small, whether they are joint ventures, this is not only based on the area of the scrubbing machine factory, the number of scrubbing machine manufacturers, the product chain of the scrubbing machine manufacturer, the scrubbing machine The technical level of manufacturers has a very important relationship.

Then according to the above points in combination with their own needs to choose a washing machine, so that you can choose the right washing machine.

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