Washing machine manufacturers share the correct use of washing machine

The scrubber is a cleaning equipment widely used in factories and enterprises. The scrubber is mainly divided into a hand-pushing scrubber and a driving scrubber. For the new cleaning equipment of the scrubber, many people are still very strange. . Therefore, be sure to master the essentials before using for the first time to avoid damage to the scrubber due to incorrect operation.

1. Before use, you should carefully read the washing machine, push-type scrubber, driving scrubber, automatic washing machine manual, especially the first time you touch the scrubber, you must fully understand the washing machine. After working and the function of each button, the machine is operated. When the user operates the scrubber, please check the integrity of the machine carefully.

2, the use of washing machine tips: particularly dirty ground can choose not to absorb water repeatedly and repeatedly washed repeatedly, and then absorb water alone; for uneven ground, sometimes after cleaning, if there is still water, you can lift the brush Start, start the water suction switch, push the scrubber, and repeatedly and repeatedly absorb in the water accumulation area.

3. Another important point is to clean, clean and maintain the fully automatic washing machine! Specific practice: clear the water and sewage in the equipment, because the long-term storage of clean water with detergent will cause odor and deterioration due to temperature and other factors, affecting the cleaning effect. After the sewage is discharged, the sludge of the sewage tank should be cleaned up in time. Things, garbage.

4. If there are some large particles, metal wires, lathe waste, pebbles, etc. on the cleaned ground, there are other rubbish that will affect the work of the squeegee, then you need to clean it. The squeegee should form a closed space with the ground to recover the sewage. Otherwise, it will not work properly and will cause damage to the washing machine. For the first time using the floor scrubber, always clean the absorbent gel with a clean cloth to avoid the water absorption strips being clean and leaving a lot of water stains.

5. Check if the washing machine has electricity. If the power is insufficient, please do not use the machine. Excessive discharge will shorten the life of the battery. Next, check the brush plate, rubber strip, etc. Choose a suitable cleaning agent according to the dirt on the ground: the oily floor needs to use a chemical agent; generally the dirt floor needs a neutral detergent and at the same time inject a proper amount of defoamer into the sewage tank. Before starting the brush motor, be sure to put the brush plate down, otherwise the brush disk will be automatically removed.

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