Maintenance and daily use precautions for the washing machine

As an important tool in the current cleaning work, the scrubber has been applied to all walks of life, especially the driving scrubber. It has been widely used in various clean environments such as shopping malls, airports, stations, and parking plants. In order not to affect the normal use and efficiency of the machine, how to properly use the maintenance of the machine and machine is very important.

1. Maintenance of the washing machine: After use, the chassis and the needle seat and the black pad should be removed in time to clean and clean the machine parts. Rinse the water tank with clean water and wipe the body with a clean towel. Store in a place where air is flowing and dry.

2, washing machine use precautions: work must avoid the brush to touch the power cord. Be careful not to let the water get wet with the motor. After use, do not leave your hand freely, release the joystick, turn off the power after the standby device has completely stopped running, and remove the dial to remove the brush.

3. Maintenance of the washing machine: press the handle firmly to press the body of the machine, tilt the head of the body upwards, then install the ground brush and the dial in the middle of the bottom turntable of the body, and rotate the ground brush and the dial counterclockwise.

Level the body so that the chassis and the ground are close to the ground, and use wax or decontamination powder to fill the water tank of the washing machine and plug in the power plug. Press the adjustment switch to adjust the handlebar to the height that suits you.

Start the machine, pull the water tank lever, and evenly spray the wax or decontamination powder on the ground. Control the machine's direction, from left to right, walk back and forth 2-3 times. The up and down overlaps are about 10 cm. Turn off the machine, unplug the power outlet, and move the machine aside. The power cord should be checked frequently to prevent electric shock and injury during work.

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