Operation instructions for the Rongen automatic washing machine!

Purchasing a fully automatic washing machine is not a simple matter for every company, and the price of a fully automatic washing machine is not cheap, which is a small expense for small and medium-sized enterprises. How to extend the service life of the fully automatic washing machine, it is helpful to use the correct method of use for the life of the machine. Daily maintenance is also very necessary for professional machines.

1. When the work is finished, the blanket brush or the ground brush is removed and cleaned to avoid deformation of the bristles caused by long-term compression of the machine;

2. Wipe the power cord clean with a dry cloth and hang the power cord around the machine;

3. Wipe the body and the machine disc (outer and bottom) with a dry cloth;

4. After use, drain the detergent in the water tank, add half a tank of water to the water tank, continue to let go, completely clean the crystal of the detergent in the tank valve, otherwise it will affect the water or cause water leakage;

5. The machine should be placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid the impact of the humid environment on the motor and shorten the life;

6. Emptying and cleaning the sewage tank. During the operation, the machine absorbs the water mixture containing the sludge, which is easy to accumulate in the water tank and emits an unpleasant smell. Therefore, it is necessary to wash the water tank with flowing water;

7. Empty the water tank, especially when it is not cleaned every day, otherwise the water that does not flow will become a source of bacteria;

8, cleaning the water absorption filter, sometimes will produce some sediment to weaken the dry effect, please use the running water to clean the filter;

9. Clean the suction pipe connected to the squeegee, even if it is a local obstruction, it will weaken the water absorption effect;

10. Regularly check the water absorption filter. Sometimes the filter net will be blocked due to water impurities, which will affect the water outflow during the process of cleaning the ground;

11. Check if the squeegee is clean.

Check the wear of the brush and squeegee of the fully automatic scrubber once a week. If the ground is extremely abrasive, the strong pressure on the ground can damage these attachments or accelerate their wear. Under normal circumstances, the brush can be replaced after 50 hours of use. Conversely, after 30 hours of use, the absorbent strip should be replaced or flipped up and down (when the four sides of the strip are still available).

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