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As the saying goes, "The country is based on the people, and the people are eating for the sky." This is an old saying that has been passed down from ancient times. However, in today's 21st century, food safety is more about people's livelihood. The primary concern about food safety standards is to have a cleansing. The workshop floor and the cleanliness of the site remain working. So what equipment is used to maintain a clean environment?

Here we recommend a new type of cleaning equipment - automatic washing machine, using a fully automatic washing machine can not only wash the ground, the benefits can also be used for surface water absorption, ground area water and moisture cleaning in the washing machine Underneath, it becomes cleaner, the humidity is also reduced, and there is no secondary pollution. It is driven by a rechargeable battery, so it does not cause pollution during the cleaning process, and is more suitable for use in the food industry.

Food and beverage factories use automatic washing machines to create profits for the company

1. Fast working speed: 8 times more than manual cleaning compared with traditional manual cleaning.

2, effectively reduce the dust in the environment: set sprinkling water, cleaning, rapid water absorption, 0 pollution during the cleaning process.

3, improve the ground cleaning quality: traditional manual cleaning is not clean stubborn stains, oil stains, etc. The automatic washing machine can be cleaned very clean, so that the environment will be upgraded to a big step.

4. The washing machine is more dynamic than the manual cleaning: after cleaning, it is quick to dry, and the cleaning site has no limitations. It can be cleaned anytime and anywhere, and the rainy weather is better.

The food factory uses the automatic washing machine to wash and dry once. After washing the ground, it can immediately suck the ground, the ground will not be wet and slippery, work, save capital, and easy to clean.

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