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Washing machine is widely used in supermarket retail cleaning

More and more supermarkets have joined the team that uses the supermarket washing machine to complete the supermarket cleaning operation. It proves that the mechanized cleaning equipment is more satisfied with the cleaning request of the modern supermarket, which proves that the supermarket washing machine has been well received by the users. .

1, The scope of application

Now the supermarket has nothing more than the following: epoxy floor, emery floor, tile floor, marble floor, terrazzo floor, concrete floor, non-slip floor, small square brick floor, etc., and supermarket washing machine on these hard ground. All have excellent cleaning functions, so it is almost all supermarkets can use the supermarket washing machine to complete the supermarket cleaning operations.

2, The use of power

Large supermarkets or shopping malls often have a number of cleaners to complete the supermarket cleaning operations, while the usual supermarket washing machine cleaning power is 2000 square meters / hour, the high is up to 4500 square meters / hour, so one is Can replace a number of cleaners, supermarkets with supermarket washing machines or shopping malls usually only need a cleaner, can save a lot of salary expenses in one year.

3, The role of action

The ground of the supermarket is different from the oily ground of the factory. The ground is more dust, dirt and water. The front brushing plate of the supermarket washing machine may be used to clean the dust, dirt, etc. on the ground. The rear squeegee quickly drains the sewage, leaving no water stains on the ground, dry and clean.

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