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What is the effect of the silent push-type scrubber in the hospital?

Everyone knows that there are more mobile workers in the hospital, and it is more difficult to clean. It is not realistic to rely solely on traditional cleaning methods. There are many cleaning workers to be invested, and the cost increases. Many people know that the appearance of washing machines has changed the traditional cleaning methods. It is widely used in residential communities, parks, hospitals and large-scale places. So why is the hand-washing opportunity so popular? What is its use effect and characteristics? Let Rong Enxiao introduce you to learn more. a bit:

The hospital uses the silent push-type scrubber effect:

1, Quiet low-decibel operation - 58DB, to meet the mute needs of various places.

2, The hand-pushing washing machine after the cleaning of the ground is fast drying, both washing and drying, does not require a certain drying time, and will not leave water stains and imprints;

3. The hourly washing efficiency of the hand-pushing scrubber is also incomparable for the cleaning workers to use the traditional cleaning method, which can save the cleaning workers, increase the income, and make the ground clean and sanitary;

4, Efficient and save money: can replace the cleaning staff's effect and efficiency of cleaning the ground, and maintenance and consumption costs are low;

5, Fast and convenient, brushing, drying and drying in one time, thoroughly clean the ground dirt;

6, Comfortable operation, flexible and light, comfortable operation.

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