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The scrubber is the first choice for large-scale logistics and warehousing!

Logistics warehousing is the use of self-built or leased warehouses, sites, storage, storage, loading and unloading, and delivery of goods. The logistics storage area is large, the ground piles are enlarged and the shelves are stored, and a large quantity of goods are stored. The floor cleaning of the storage center has become an important task of warehouse management.

Logistics warehousing is no stranger to us, especially for some industrial customers. Even if we are not in the industrial field, we know more or less the merchants such as Jingdong and Suning. This type of enterprise has a very large scale. Logistics and warehousing. As an important part of China's tertiary industry, the logistics industry has played a positive role in promoting and improving the development level of China's national economy. Under the framework of the socialist market economy, the logistics industry is gradually moving towards modernization, scientific and informationization. The direction of development. Warehouse management, as an important link in the economic operation of the logistics industry, is a key bridge connecting production, procurement and sales, and plays a pivotal development role in improving the efficiency and operational efficiency of the logistics industry.

In foreign countries, the logistics and warehousing industry is more developed. It is a very common scene to use the driving type scrubber to clean the cleaning in such a large place. It is not a new trend and an inevitable trend of social development.

The large area of ​​the logistics and storage center is a good place for the driving type scrubber to take advantage of its own advantages. The ground of the logistics storage center is generally epoxy or cement floor. All the incoming and outgoing goods are basically carried out by forklift. In this process, the tires of the forklift may be left on the ground or some garbage will be generated. Sediment, squeezing some dust, etc., if it is purely by traditional manual cleaning, this is very uneconomical. Think about it, Jingdong has already used robots for warehousing and distribution. If cleaning is still using human mop, Isn't this very different from the original intention?

The use of the scrubber to clean the logistics and storage center is not only the result of the work efficiency requirements, but also the result of the work effect. The washing machine is used for cleaning, the effect is good, the effect is stable, and it is basically free from subjective factors. The impact is such that the environmental safety of the stacking of the goods is ensured and the possibility of moldy pollution is reduced.

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