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R50 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

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1.19inchs floor scrubbers
2.Squeegee: 815mm
4.Brushing Power:750w
5.Suction motor:1400w

Power-cord,Walk behind,Automatic Floor Scrubber Dryer R50

Power-cord,Walk behind,Automatic Floor Scrubber Dryer R50  rushing,cleanig and suction can be done in one step, and floor as good as new after brushing. Dirty water, soil, sands, oil, which all is sucked back into recovery tank. Scrubber can clean different material and different surroundings floor, for example: epoxy resin ground, paint ground, concrete, tile ground, marble, granite etc.

1. Efficient and save money: instead of traditional 6(more) workers cleaning effect and efficiency.
2. Fast and convenient: scrubbering, suction in one step, which clean dirt thoroughly;  non-professional worker also can operate.

1. Factory and warehouse
2. Shopping center, mall, supermarket
3. Airports, railway station, bus station, subway station, parking
4. Hotels, resorts, hospital, school, office building
5. Exhibition hall, stadiums, theatres, government agencies
6. Cleaning company

Large capacity tank (clean water tank: 50L, sewage water tank: 50L), suitable for large area cleaning.

Intelligent type control:
Equipped with intelligent water level induction system, when clean water is on low level the brush power supply will be shut off, when recovery water is shut off when suction system power supply will be shut off.

Intelligent loading and unloading water level control system:
Brush system adopts automatic loading and unloading, loading and unloading without any tools
Equipped with water level automatic control system, brush stop turning power supply will be shut off automatically, and save water and detergent effectively

Float type brush dish:
Equipped with unique brush pressure automatic adjustment system and central outlet system, brush adjusts pressure automatically according to ground, which guarantee the cleaning effect is more perfect

Efficient wastewater recycling systems:
Arc bibulous wand combined siphon pipe design, which realize sewage recycle perfectly

Change bibulous adhesive tape without tool:
Bibulous adhesive tape replacements without any tools, bibulous adhesive tape can be used all sides, which reduce the cost

Easy maintenance:
Sewage tank can rotate 90 °, you can carry out battery to maintain when tore off water tank without any tools

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