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R110BT85 Auto Ride On Floor Scrubber

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Floor Scrubber Machine R110BT85
1.850mm cleaning width
2.AMETEK vacuum motor
3.Two brushes floor scrubber
4.CE certificate

Large area Factory Warehouse Ride-on Floor scrubber dryer R110BT85

Ride on auto scrubber dryer is with extremely new compact design,flexible and easy operation. Based on practice,it is equal to 2 units big type walked behind scrubber driers.

It is suitable for large commercial, inudstrial or services establishments: supermarket, airport, warehouse, parking place, hospital, sports centre, food products factory ect.

A. Float brush type: unique brush pressure auto adjustment system.
B. Compact design: Ultra compact body design, even in small of difficult to access areas you can easily work.
C. Low noise: low noise design patterns, even during the day cleaning noise sensitive areas have no need to worry about.

1.Factory, warehouse
2.Commercial store, shopping mall,supermarket
3.Airport, railway station, metro station, paking place
4.Hotel, holiday village hospital,school, office building
5.Exhibition hall, sports ground, theatre, government agency
6.Cleaning company

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