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R-QQ Micro Auto Ride On Floor Scrubber

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R-QQ Small ride-on Automatic Floor Scrubber
1.Small ride-on floor scrubber;
2.Completly automatic;
3.Double brushes.efficient

R-QQ China best battery powered ride-on floor scrubber dryer  with double brushes
1.Ride on type
2.Brushing Width:700mm
3.Squeegee Width:1010mm

R-QQ is the smallest unique worldclass ride on scrubber with the largest cleaning efficiency and the highest quality, which sets a good sample for all.

1.It can change cleaners' dirty and tired image. It shows elegant.
2.A ride on scrubber is better than a cleaning team,which creates more working efficiency and fortune.

1.One charge, can finish above 10,000 square meters cleaning task.
2.High tech cleaning method greatly improves the cleaning level.
3.lowest noise(<58db) and drive to do cleaning is more quiet and comfortable .
4.Compact and smallest body design can make it come into elevator, which is suitable for up and down the floor.
5.The body size(approx 1.2m) makes sure the flexible working in narrow gallery.
6.Simple and easy to operation without any training

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