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R110BT70 Auto Ride On Floor Scrubber

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1.Battery type floor scrubber
2.700mm cleaning width
4.Automatic Ride-on
5.CE certificate

Ride-on Dual brushes Battery Automatic Floor scrubber dryer R110BT70
1. 24VDC Batteries
2. Cleaning Width:700mm
3. Squeegee Width:1010mm
4. Efficiency:4550sqm
5. Automatic,Ride-on

Ride on ,Battery ,Automatic Scrubber dryer R110BT70 are specially designed to deliver maximum cleaning performance on great-sized areas and meet the need of broad ground and floor, such as commercial areas, industry areas and service centers. Its compact design and simple operation can make the user operate in convenient, comfortable and safety.

1. High working productivity: more than 200% compared with walked behind type scrubber dryer.
2. Small tactical diameter can make the machine go through the narrow passageway.
3. It can go through 90cm width door smoothly.


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