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M17H Weighted Stone Polishing Machine

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Carpet cleaning&marble,granite,tile floor polishing machine M17H
3.17"Polishing disc
4. Floor polishing

Carpet cleaning & Tile,floor,marble polishing machine M17H

Super power air-cooling motor and double capacitor design allows safety operation and provides strong power output. 2.0HP power motor and triple epicyclic gear well enclosed makes a smooth carve, helps do heavy tasks and allows a long operation.

1.Wax removal
2.Maintenance cleaning
3.Polishing of cement floor foundries
4.Renovation & Polishing of marble & granite

1.Machine weight adjustable
2.Tank is placed on the base, no more on the handle
3.Demountable stripping pad suitable for stair and corner
4.2.0HP powerful motor with effective cooling system & protection from accidental infiltration of water

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